Frankly I am embarrassed at the state of the website.  I feel like I puked up some photos, slid a word rag through and just slapped them onto some World Wide Web site that doesn't really care... and it seems obvious that someone doesn't.... Well .. I care.

The last year Amtrak came into my life and flattened me like the souvenir penny you left on the track.  It took all of the personality of every groove and date and image, and squeezed its guts out leaving nothing but a shiny blank copper canvas in which to make the Warrior mark we love.

It didn't kill me and I have gone through the test and or trial and gotten back on my feet to try again...its the dirt that still remains... Needing to slap all the dirt off is what I am trying to say the Shopify site looks and feels like... Its a mess... BUT ITS ALL THERE>... the money is invested in the best products I could make.  

The need for support looks like this... SHARE the site.. Buy something... ANYTHING... Shirts, Hats, Beanies, Sweatshirts, Socks...the shorts will be available Nov 20th 2021... If you have Warrior threads POST A REVIEW.... in the mean time I will look on FIVVER for someone worthy to help clean up the puke... as soon as I can get some worthy photography and graphic descriptions of WHY you should be part of the Warrior Team... OH YEA>.. do you have PHOTOS of you doing your thing on the WARRIOR Threads ?  Send them... 

P. L. E. A. S. E. !!!



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