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The Hats and Shirts

Its now August 2021 and finding a way to produce SHORTS has been an uphill battle... a battle we are fully engaged in.   Everything seems to be taking longer than what we had hoped longer was going to be.... commitment issues. Now that we have committed to a vision and goals, we are looking for support for the Warrior through the supporting epic products.  The selection of HATS will lead us forward with a colorful cover for your bad hair day or to keep the sun out of your eyes.  The SHIRT selection is growing...At the moment we can only offer the TATTOO shirt... its so cool.  The outline of the Warrior is filled with a hand drawn Polynesian...

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Its now July 6,2021 and the life altering chaos is receding.  The sheer volume of pain and suffering from complete and utter failure has left its mark deep into this Warrior.  In one month I will have spent a year with the clarity of my future... Divorced and Business-less.   I believed I was able to be a good husband and business person at the same time.  At the height of my clarity, the belief in the vision that the Warrior was a path to a prophetic, philanthropic, and peaceful contribution to the world. It was the greatest source of joy and energy for my Warrior.  I believed I found the perfect mate to go through this journey and really...

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Feb 10, 2021

There is nothing to say, but I am sorry to those who have supported this business start up.  I believe we created a great product that was worthy of your support.  I believed in the original idea behind the purpose of my own personal life as it relates to the Warrior symbol.   Starting something from the ground up, over years of creativity, innovation, and intuition, takes patience and courage.  It takes observation, consideration, and drive to stay the course.  Will, alone, is not enough.  Grit, tolerance and humility are learned behaviors if the Warrior can move forward.

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