is the deal, or rather the truth. is the deal, or rather the truth.

One battle is over, and the next one begins.  Much like every point in Tennis or Pickleball, focus must be on what is right there in front of you.  The next point.

The comatose state of PHIT since June 8 2020 is over.  Revived and learning to walk again, this brand needs more help now than ever.  The Warrior needs more help than ever.  The giants are invading the fastest growing sport in the world and wanting to take over.  Fact is they already have... The Warrior remains humble and will stand his ground and do battle for battle and point for point.

Training off the court involves hard core fitness, reading and education, strategic conversations, and prayer.  Coming up with creative and inexpensive ways to steal a portion of the athleisure market is the point at which we sit right now... HOW?

Warriors of the world unite and stand in support of local small business.  "Local" is the best way to describe the one man/woman shop doing 100% of the work to grow a vision or dream.  It doesn't really matter where you live... we are everywhere.  

Here is my question for you... If you could take 10 pairs of shorts from any 10 different manufacturers and put them in a pile with only their "STAMP" "BRAND" LOGO" showing... I believe we would land in the top 3 of what shorts were touched first!!  I also believe that if they bought one pair they would come back and buy more.  I believe they would share the PHIT-anthropic vision as they became more of a fan.  

This is actually what I believe every single day.. every single night...its what I dream about and how I envision the growth... its all because of you choosing the Warrior ... you choosing your WARRIOR SELF.

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