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The uniqueness that is the WARRIOR.  We all have a thumbprint that is ours and ours alone.  The Warrior seems to be on a timeline that is all guided by the divine as I have put my faith in it being so...a timeline so unique and as challenging as following a thumbprint only God can understand.

The latest production fell short of the standards in which I chose to accept.  With the greatest of competition out there, with good products and visibility, so very well funded and running amuck with the spaces I was hoping to fill...my little garage boutique took a hit on time...again.

Producing an apparel brand or line of clothes is nothing short of a miracle if you can make it one your own.  A solo effort is nearly impossible especially if the financial burden remains within the house of the Warrior.   The greatest of friends offering to open up their very successful wallets to "back" the Warrior and a vision that is strong, isn't possible when the creator has a conscience.  In other words, I don't want their money just to say I tried.

After producing 4 successful rounds of shorts, this last batch was the final batch before scaling up.  By Scaling , I was envisioning warehouse and sales team and marketing team and finally having a belief that my friends with the fat wallets could take a part of something I started.  By friends with Fat Wallets... I am talking people who step up to me and offer the WARRIOR help at every turn... monthly, weekly, and daily.  The support is overwhelming.  Their time line to offer help is now and I am hoping its around when the Warrior is finally ready.

Back to the production... we are currently in a fix situation.  In the event we can make the product worthy of the Warrior... we again have to wait.... 


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