542 days since having shorts for inventory.  December 1 was supposed to be the day of new freedom, new shorts and new outlook.  Instead, the day had other plans.

Starting in September, the shorts production had commitment.  Double the normal production, with a slight tweak in appearance.  I was all in.  The plan was the same as it was when I started..... go with the solids and then work on the artsy shit... the Camo and other patterns.  Strong base with a flare.

Trust is something I have struggled with in life.  It never mattered how many times you got knocked down... You get back up.  2020 delivered the heaviest blows I have ever endured...still enduring.  2021 started a little better but managed to find a handful of surprises that knocked me on my ass.  And nothing like the season ending blow.

After picking up the inventory down in National City, SanDiego.  I never even thought to look at the product.  I was just so happy and amazed at how many were produced.  They looked epic in the bags all bundled up.  I raced home to send out the pre-ordered items and then celebrated with a tequila and a visit with a friend.  The next step was to sort the sizes and categorize the bins.  After about 90 minutes, the sorting was done.... I went to try on a pair.

F.... Noooooo... Whaaaaaat happened...they didnt feel right.  The production took the turn for the worst....there appeared to be a measurement that was off.... and by off I mean off by 2 sizes.... the ENTIRE PILE.   The investment of time, money and labor was gone at that moment..... I couldn't sleep.  My biggest issue was that I felt like this was a turning point... and it was.

I am devastated by a couple of things.  Not having a product that I love ready to go is in the lead.  The money and time spent ... I don't know... but there is someone who has to make this good... and I have empathy for them.  Its a lot of time they spent.  It's not a ME or THEM moment.  Its a this sucks for all of us moment, when I have to strap on my big boy pants and stand firm on responsibility.  I take responsibility for a lot of shit that went down in 2020, but this one is not on me.

I need someone else to run this business because there is something in the WARRIOR that says success, happiness, love, honor, humility, strength...... and patience.

I will have shorts again soon...

In a pile of shorts that only show a symbol or logo WE WOULD WIN, I believe people would pick us just because, they would discover just because, they would be more interested Just because. they would learn that buying the shorts and wearing them and being the WARRIOR we all would WIN.... making the vision come to live EVERYONE would WIN.

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