The right place at the right time:

Whats really missing is any marketing or business effort to build the Warrior Brand to its fullest potential... I am actively looking for a P.E. to help... there is something here!  

Have you ever felt so blessed to be in the right place at the right time, just when some magical moment occurs that you are a surprise witness?  Recently there was an event at Bobby Riggs in Encinitas and it just so happened that local Fairbanks resident, G.Verdult and family were participating.   Gibrahan and I collided as I was walking off the courts into the friendly reunion that the photographer for Ranch and Coast snapped.  This wasn’t necessarily one of those moments, but something else happened.  (Please laugh it was meant to be funny.)

We are approaching a 3 year mark, of some significant event, that happened for many people.  June 8, 2020 is a day I will never forget.  It’s the first date that started a list of dates and experiences that I will never forget.  It ends with the present day today and every day after known as TODAY.  It’s the day we live IN.  Starting with the departure from family, to ending family, to ending communication with family, to praying every day to have connection to ONE particular part of family.  I miss that kid more than anybody could possibly know.  I am certain that there are plenty of people out there with an incredibly similar feeling.  

I get warmth from friends that are fearless.  Those who come up and are clearly happy to see me.  It’s what keeps me going forward to a day I hope comes.  Reunion . 

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