The Hats and Shirts

Its now August 2021 and finding a way to produce SHORTS has been an uphill battle... a battle we are fully engaged in.   Everything seems to be taking longer than what we had hoped longer was going to be.... commitment issues.

Now that we have committed to a vision and goals, we are looking for support for the Warrior through the supporting epic products.  The selection of HATS will lead us forward with a colorful cover for your bad hair day or to keep the sun out of your eyes.  The SHIRT selection is growing...At the moment we can only offer the TATTOO shirt... its so cool.  The outline of the Warrior is filled with a hand drawn Polynesian "tattoo" kind of art.  The very limited selection will not likely be printed again too soon ....

We have a produced a Low cut Warrior Compression sock made by PRO COMPRESSION .

These supporting products will get us off the ground and bring the SHORTS back to life....

Do you or any of your friends know people with a work history in apparel.  We could use some help growing ... have them contact me directly. 

thank you



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