The Hats and Shirts

The Hats and Shirts

Its now August 2021 and finding a way to produce SHORTS has been an uphill battle... a battle we are fully engaged in.   Everything seems to be taking longer than what we had hoped longer was going to be.... commitment issues.

Now that we have committed to a vision and goals, we are looking for support for the Warrior through the supporting epic products.  The selection of HATS will lead us forward with a colorful cover for your bad hair day or to keep the sun out of your eyes.  The SHIRT selection is growing...At the moment we can only offer the TATTOO shirt... its so cool.  The outline of the Warrior is filled with a hand drawn Polynesian "tattoo" kind of art.  The very limited selection will not likely be printed again too soon ....

We have a produced a Low cut Warrior Compression sock made by PRO COMPRESSION .

These supporting products will get us off the ground and bring the SHORTS back to life....

Do you or any of your friends know people with a work history in apparel.  We could use some help growing ... have them contact me directly. 

thank you



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  • kathleen M Cummings

    i worked in a sweat shop for a few years in perth amboy NJ. My bf/family owned the place. Dad was a pattern maker. Mom and I did most of the fabric spreadng on a spreading table. Once the fabric was spread, we put the patern on top. Dad used a cutting tool like a saw. the fabric was about 12 to 18 inches deep if i remember right. after the pieces were cut, we pieced them together and stacked them for the mostly Puerto Rican girls who worked the sewing machines and sewed the garment together. It was a very large loft building and it was upstairs, very hot in the summer so that is of course where the “sweat shop” comes from. We all worked our asses off to meet demand and deadlnes. We did a lot of rush orders that came in last minute. After the garment was sewn, it was then to ironing and hanging. Finally we delivered to the label. I dd a lot of the deliveries too. They were all in NYC. This was large scale so Im not sure if any of this is useful for you. I am still good friends with the bf and his sister and the mother until she passed away. All of this was 40 years ago. I can put you in touch with the owner if you think it would help to pick their brain. They did sell the business many years ago so i am not sure the process would be relative or used today. but, you never know.
    I also have a friend that just makes shirts. I have to recall his name. If i think of it, i will let you know. Hope you get your shorts going soon :)

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