The TOP Step

The TOP Step

What does it take to get to the TOP STEP?

After a serious beat down at the first event of the year in Newport Beach, I have regained an appreciation for the hard work it takes to win.   Signing up for the highest level amateur event and acquiring a partner with solid skills, the optimism was there... the endurance not so much.

Mental endurance needs to match the Physical or Cardio endurance.  There are coaches out there that can fill your bucket with plenty of tools to train your brain and all other muscles needed to succeed.  It's putting them, the tools, to use over and over again that brings success.  Mindset is the clear winner here.

Without a solid mindset, the Warrior can't get out of bed in the morning, can't listen to affirmative podcasts while driving, and can't bring a single focus shot to a training session...can't build a rock solid foundation to success. 

"Today I am working on ....."

I seem to find a way to start every new year with the above statement and then the "squirrels" appear from everywhere.  They take me away from the focus and distract me from the short and long term goals... this is about business a little more than it is health or pickleball skills.    Since the second week of January, this week actually, I wrote down my objectives for the week, in ink, on a blank piece of paper, and attached it to the refrigerator via a magnet (many many looks during the day as my squirrel often leads to food).    I have, so far, been spot on with my short term goals... which will lead to adding on to the bottom of the list, Long term goals (which are ingrained deep in my soul about what the WARRIOR really wants from life).... step closer to keeping New Year Resolutions "MINDSETS" in tact.

Winning is everything when you reach your goals... Winning at any cost is NEVER worth it...Learning and Growing are achieved when you have focus and consistency and programs and systems and dedication.... JOY and Happiness and Friends and WINNING come when your mindset is well trained.  Warrior on my friends

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