Warrior call to Action

Warrior call to Action

What a year it has been.  April 7, 2022 I underwent surgery to repair my completely torn Achilles tendon.   It happened while playing a game of pickleball, of course.  I blame the injury solely on being completely dehydrated... but that isn't what this is about.

I signed up for my first big event as a vendor.  This was the first time since my divorce I felt I was able to sell the apparel the way I had envisioned... I had the vision to do it years ago but never game myself the "permission" to step outside of my comfort zone and into the "Vision" I had for the Warrior.

Armed with a hand made product, FREEDOM SHORTS...I drove from SanDiego to Arizona, set up to booth and spotted a good game.  I barely drank water all day long.  Into the 3rd game, my Achilles exploded.  

Before all of this happened, I had also signed up to vendor at the event in NYC Flushing Meadows, home to the US OPEN Tennis.  The dream was alive and action was being taken.   Injury only changed how it would all go...nothing as planned or hoped.

The Pain killer stupor for the entire month of April, found me on a couch filled with anger and despair looking up from the hole I felt I was in.  One month on the road reaffirmed the faith I had in God and the symbol of the Warrior. The escape was fueled by 10k miles on the road and the 2 hours a day I could stand on my feet to play the game I loved, all while introducing the Warrior to new friends.   

Now, the vision has changed, but the symbol and mission has not.  I am looking for partners who want more from the life they have now.  The mission looks a lot like fun pickleball events backed by philanthropic endeavors.  Do you know anyone who has business skills that actually wants to RUN my business?   A team of people to grow a brand past anything I have ever dreamt?   The grit to grow a start up that has 10 years of sweat?  

The Warrior is looking for Business people to take this brand and grow it.  Lets change some lives by making the Warrior strong, so that We can make others stronger.

Send me an email... yougetphit@yahoo.com

talk to me at an event...

send me a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.


The World is changing and we need more Warriors.


thank you


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